• Modernization of CI/Deployment processes and tooling
    at Diligent
    Took part in both project management and execution side of CI/Deployment modernization of Diligent products, resulting more stable builds and eliminating maintenance requirements by building on top of cloud based environments.
    Used technologies: Github actions, Octopus deploy, Cloudsmith
  • Company wide migration to AWS from on-prem datacenters
    at Diligent
    Helping a company wide AWS migration from on-prem datacenters. Taking part in it from planning phase through POCing to implementation.
    Used technologies: AWS
  • Replacement of HHVM with PHP
    at LogMeIn
    Full planning and implementation of decommissioning old HHVM interpreter with PHP. Replacement involved code change, containerization, production config fine-tuning, then gradual zero-downtime transition.
    Used technologies: PHP, Docker
  • Transitioning to infrastructure as a code
    at LogMeIn
    During this project we gradually put the non-reproducible manually constructed VMs, services, and configs to Puppet. Providing continuous service without maintenance downtime was a requirement.
    Used technologies: Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible
  • Datacenter migration (on-premises)
    at LogMeIn
    Moving services and data to a new enterprise-grade datacenter without any downtime and continuous service uptime. Project involved initial planning, implementation, preliminary testing, and testing.
  • Setting up on-demand development environments
    at LogMeIn
    Providing the developers the ability to create a full working test environment from any git branch in the matter of minutes. Environments are automatically managed by TeamCity, unused instances are terminated as soon as they're out of use.
    Used technologies: AWS EC2, Docker, TeamCity, Python3
  • User migration to new vault
    at LogMeIn
    This project involved the migration of user data on the client side due to client-side encryption. The project included architectural design, UI design, development, performance testing, testing, and rolling out to users.
  • Continuous Improvement Framework
    at Nokia
    We created a generic Continuous Integration server with a Dashboard interface on top of a customized Jenkins installation. Our generic CI uses the Gitflow workflow which is a widely used pattern in development. Developers generate a new CI instance with a few parameters, customize the underlying scripts (compilation, module tests, etc.) and the system is ready to go fully configured.
    Used technologies: Jenkins, Symfony, React, Bootstrap, Git, NodeJs, RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Migration to Eucalyptus Cloud
    at Nokia
    As Nokia decided to change its cloud infrastructure to Eucalyptus (an Amazon compatible cloud solution developed by HP), me and a few other colleagues of mine have been entrusted with the responsibility of discovering the opportunities with the new technology, piloting/testing the new environment and making a plan of moving our current infrastructure into the new one.
    Used technologies: EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), EBS (Elastic Block Storage), S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • Dashboard for metrics and KPIs
    at Nokia
    Developing a PHP based software with which the users can track the status of various tests and development processes. The tool contains status pages and charts about various metrics and KPIs.
    Used technologies: Yii, Symfony, Bootsrap, Highcharts, XSL, XML-RPC, SOAP
  • The access control system of Városligeti Műjégpálya
    at LMS E-tan
    Developing the administrator interface, the program which controlled the security gates and doors, testing and wiring.
    Used technologies: Symfony, Sonata admin, Java (low level), Mysql replication
  • Microshark content management system
    at LMS E-tan
    Development of a complex content management and competition system.
    Used technologies: Symfony 2, MongoDB, SASS, various jQuery plugins, etc.
  • Prestige business management system
    at LMS E-tan
    Finishing the development of a business management system.

Freelancer/hobby projects